Business Ethics and Policies

The basic ethical principles that the company and its employees are obliged to abide by during their execution are;

Compliance with Laws

The company is obliged to comply with the laws and regulations.

Honesty and Integrity

The company acts in accordance with the standards of integrity and honesty.

Human rights

The company respects the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


The company maintains its sustainability, occupational health and safety by protecting the facility and the environment.

Fighting Corruption

Our aim is without corruption; fair competition is to convince people with the quality and value of our products and to ensure the sustainability of your business.

None of our employees can carry out an activity that may harm Oz Celik by using their position or the company's links for the benefit of third parties or for the benefit of third parties.

In this context, no money, special services etc. can be offered to any of our employees for the purpose of special benefit. All employee; in case of suspicion of a crime related to corruption, it must share the situation with senior management or corporate lawyer.

It is the responsibility of the Board of Directors to review these issues and it is justified to initiate legal action in line with the decisions.

Respect for Differences

As Oz Celik, we do not tolerate race, religion, language and gender discrimination among our employees. We declare that we are based on respect for human rights among employees, and that we have taken measures to protect employees against physical, mental and emotional abuse within the company.

We are honest, straightforward and moral in all our work with our customers, suppliers, contractors and each other. We try to build mutual trust and comply with the laws that guide our business, not only because we have a legal obligation, but also to do the right thing. At Oz Celik, the standards of behavior that everyone is expected to comply with can be summarized as follows:

  • Obey all relevant laws that govern our business.
  • Strive to be honest, fair and reliable in all your business.
  • Stay away from all conflicts of interest between your business and personal life.
  • Observe fair employment practices and value diversity in relation to all your colleagues.
  • Try to create a safe workplace and protect the environment.
  • Do not host any form of harassment and discrimination in our workplaces.
  • Avoid disclosing the private and confidential information of Oz Celik inappropriately.
  • Do not offer or accept any improper payments, gifts or gratuities to any customer, supplier, government agency or third parties.
  • Do not accept any confidential information from anyone or the company and do not sign a confidentiality agreement in favor of third parties without proper approval and legal review.
  • Do not fall under any contractual obligation without proper approval and legal review.
  • Make sure that all financial records of Oz Celik are correct and complete, fully reflect the defined transaction and comply with the relevant laws and accounting standards.
  • Make sure that your business relationships with Oz Celik’s customers, suppliers, competitors and government agencies comply with all relevant laws, including competition, anti-bribery, financial transactions, tax and counterterrorism.

You are expected to make every effort to ensure that the company continues to comply with the Business Conduct Standards and Rules.

Accordingly, you and all employees are requested and expected to report any incompatibility with security, laws or company policies to your Managers, General Manager, Company Partners or Company Lawyer; Thus, the situation is analyzed and necessary corrective action can be taken to resolve any incompatibility issues.

Oz Celik’s policy is to support and protect anyone who makes a good faith effort to report suspicious incompatibility issues.

All reports about possible incompatibilities with laws or company policies are evaluated fairly and quickly and are handled confidentially to the extent permitted by circumstances.

The Company Attorney or other relevant authority coordinates the required assessment. It is imperative that the person reporting the problem does NOT conduct an investigation on its own, as complex legal issues may arise.